Autopilot Uber hit a cyclist because of the team jump over the obstacles


Photo: Tempe Police Department via AP

Driverless car taxi service Uber to death brought down the cyclist in Arizona (USA) because of a failure in the program, ordered the machine to ignore other objects on the road. This writes The Information citing sources in the company.

The incident occurred March 18. 49-year-old woman was crossing the roadway when it is at full speed hit by a car.

The investigation showed that the sensors of the car saw the woman, but the program decided that “obstacle” not to react. The interlocutor of the edition explained that this possibility was originally incorporated to exclude false positives when the car slows down in front of, for example, flying through the air with a plastic bag.

The development of unmanned vehicles engaged in a lot of automakers, including General Motors, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, and the company Ilona Mask Tesla. She created including an electric truck with the autopilot.

As a rule, produced and designed vehicles are not fully Autonomous and require the ability to control the driver.

On 24 January, the Tesla electric car got in an accident in the U.S. city of CULVER city, California. The Model S sedan moved down the road at a speed of 104 kilometers per hour and crashed into the standing car the fire Department who assisted the members of another accident. Victims and victims managed to be avoided.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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