Danish inventor dismantler asked for leniency


Peter Madsen Photo: Ritzau Scanpix Denmark / Reuters

The Danish inventor Peter Madsen, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, sexual abuse and dismemberment of the Swedish journalist Kim Vallee in a homemade submarine, appealed the court’s decision. This was reported in the Twitter account of the state Prosecutor in Copenhagen.

As noted, the appeal relates only to the sentence, not the question of recognition of the guilty men: Madsen insists on mitigation of punishment. Prosecutors, in turn, believes that the verdict is correct. Date of consideration of the petition has not yet been appointed, the report said.

The Danish court found Madsen guilty and sentenced to life in prison on April 25.

The inventor denied his involvement in the murder, and any sexual violence against women, however, confessed to the dismemberment of the corpse. According to him, the Valle died due to a malfunction and accumulation of poisonous exhaust gases. He is under their influence fell into a psychotic state and decided to get rid of the body: dismembering the corpse several times, stabbed him with a screwdriver, including the vagina, “to prevent Gaza” and then dumped in the sea.

Valle went missing on 10 August 2017. She wanted to report on the development work of Madsen and went with him into the sea in a homemade submarine “Nautilus”. The next day the ship filed a distress signal. When rescuers found the boat, it was only Madsen. In October, the Danish police found the head and feet of the girl, Packed in plastic bags. They also lay heavy pieces of metal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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