Disclosed details of the “absurd death” Yuri Tomashevskogo


Yuri Tomashevskogo: Vadim Zhernov / RIA Novosti

Art historian Isaak Kushnir has revealed details of the death of the Director Yuri Tomashevskogo. His words passes the Fifth channel.

“I called his daughter. Some tragic ridiculous drop… Will be an autopsy done. Cremation will be in Germany,” he said.

Tomaszewska was 61 years old. He died during a trip to Germany.

The artist opened the “Shelter comedian” in 1987 with the support of George Tovstonogov. He was its artistic Director for several years.

Since 2006, Tomoshevsky was the main Director of the state Philharmonic society of St. Petersburg for children and youth.

The Director has directed more than 50 plays, played many roles in theater and film. He played a small role in the Comedy “Kiss!” and made the film “St. Vladimir”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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