Drunk flight attendant frightened passengers inappropriate behavior


Photo: @KPRC2

Drunk flight attendant American airlines Trans States Airlines mate cursed passengers and behaved aggressively during the flight Denver — North Dakota. About it reports Fox News.

“Drunk and aggressive, the flight attendant said that if we do not fasten your seat belts, we ****** (the end). I had to go to the cockpit and talk to the captain to report that the Board is inadequate, the employee who scares people,” — wrote in his Twitter passenger Eric Gorman after a flight, she later deleted all the tweets about what happened on Board.

Representatives of the airline apologized and compensate travellers the cost of the ticket. “We reported the incident with the stewardess. We promise to return the money to all the customers flying on this flight. The safety of passengers and staff is one of our top priorities,” said agent Trans States Airlines. After the incident, the flight attendant was suspended from work.

In January 2017, the crew of one of the aircraft of the airline AirAsia staged during the flight competition in rhythmic howling. Crew members took turns howling and moaning into the microphone connected to the alert system on Board.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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