Hundreds of human bones found in new York


Photo: The Hart Island Project

On HART island in new York, where the largest cemetery in the world, there is a strong erosion of the soil, causing the surface to be numerous human remains. To such conclusion experts of the nonprofit organization Hart Island Project, watching as the place of burial. This publication reports Science Alert.

In April, the Hart Island Project staff conducted an inspection of the shores of the island, and found that due to the harsh weather conditions and storms, a large part of the coast has suffered erosion. In some places on the surface were skeletons of people. Archaeologists and workers gathered for the reburial of more than 174 bones, including six skulls.

Experts believe that the reconstruction efforts and the strengthening of the cemetery, taken by officials, is insufficient, and the burial site will continue to collapse.

Since the nineteenth century in the cemetery area of about of 0.52 square kilometers were buried more than a million people, including those killed in the Civil war soldiers. Every year the island brought about 1,500 dead, including children of poor families and unidentified bodies. The coffins are placed in long trenches unmarked.

The island is closed one day a month to relatives of the dead are allowed to visit the cemetery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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