In Minsk banned a March “Immortal regiment”


Photo: Javier Luengo / RIA Novosti

Minsk city Executive Committee refused to organizers of the action “Immortal regiment” in the capital of Belarus in the March on 9 may. On this portal Chairman of the coordination Council of heads of Belarusian public associations of Russian compatriots Andrey Gerashchenko.

He noted that the application for holding the rally, the organizers filed April 25, may 7, they came to failure. The Minsk city Executive Committee explained that on may 9 in Belarus will be other promotions.

“The response States that there are similar promotions: “Belarus remembers”, “They fought for the Motherland”, when the pioneers are the portraits of the heroes of the great Patriotic war. But the essence of the “Immortal regiment” that people carry portraits of their ancestors,” — said Gerashchenko.

However, according to him, people still come out may 9, but the informal column. “All teams, as far as I know, labour and training involved in the may 9 parade, still there are people who carry portraits of their ancestors (…). And they will still go, the action will simply be dispersed”, — he said. notes that the action “Immortal regiment” is scheduled in Brest and Vitebsk. In the past — also as part of a citywide procession.

One of the organizers in Minsk, member of the house of representatives of Belarus of the 1st convocation Valery drako, confirmed that the action plan, despite the ban. “We were not allowed, but we will take part in a rally in Victory square. We decided for yourself that people will come on holiday with portraits, and we can’t let them down, and therefore should lead them to the Victory square to lay flowers”, — quotes its “Sputnik Belarus”.

The action “Immortal regiment” on may 9 held in the cities of Russia and several foreign countries. The demonstrators are holding photos of their relatives who fought against the Nazis in the great Patriotic war.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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