In the United States calculated a lethal nuclear strike Russia



Professor at the American Georgetown University Matthew Kroenig predicted the loss of the US after a series of two consecutive massive nuclear attack from Russia, reports The National Interest.

During the first strike Russia, the expert believes, could destroy 131 American city, where approximately 70 million people, and reduce the ability of the US to a massive response. The second blow would come in another 12 cities result in the deaths of 28 million people.

In the event that the United States will significantly reduce its nuclear Arsenal, during the second attack affected 82 million people. This is due to the fact that Russian missiles will have to hit fewer nuclear targets on the territory of the United States, and also the fact that the United States will have less missiles to destroy nuclear targets on the territory of Russia.

Such assessments Kroenig brought, notes the edition, in his published in the February 2018 monograph “the Logic of American nuclear strategy: why is it important strategic advantage”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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