Israel changed its mind and decided to fight with Iran


Photo: Baz Ratner / Reuters

Israel will not allow “hostile Iranian military presence on its Northern borders,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“We are determined to stop Iranian aggression against the us, even if it means conflict,” he said, adding that “it is better to do it now than later.” The Prime Minister explained that Israel does not seek to aggravate the situation, although “ready for any scenario.”

The head of the Israeli government noted that the increased military presence of Tehran in Syria are considered as the actions directed against Israel. According to Netanyahu, in recent months the Iranian security forces and revolutionary guards being moved into the conflict zone offensive and defensive weapons, including attack drones, air defense and missiles “ground-ground”.

30 APR accused Iran that the country had a program of developing nuclear weapons. According to the head of the government, Israeli intelligence was able to “half a ton of materials,” including “100’s of thousands of files proving that the Iranians are lying” regarding the nuclear program for military purposes. Netanyahu said that Tehran’s plans to acquire nuclear weapons “pose the greatest threat to Israel, the US and the world.”

The United States has repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the nuclear deal on Iran. The President of the United States Donald trump promised to make a final decision on this matter by 12 may.

Tehran and the six mediator countries (Russia, USA, UK, China, France, Germany) have agreed on the terms of Iran’s nuclear program in the summer of 2015. Under the agreement, Iran refuses the further development of this program in exchange for sanctions relief. Limits for the Republic, including on oil exports, was canceled in January 2016.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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