Pashinyan called Tankian Sargsyan and invited to move to Armenia


Nikol Pashinyan, Serzh, Takapoto: Aram Nersesian / RIA Novosti

The candidate for the post of Prime Minister, the opposition leader Nikol Pashinian misspoke during a speech at a rally of his supporters in Central Yerevan. He called the leader of the hard rock band System of a Down Serj Tankian Sargsyan, by the name of the former Prime Minister of the country, reports TASS.

“When Serzh Sargsyan at Zvartnots airport saw a greeting so many people… Serge, dear, I’m sorry. The last 15 years I have if Serge, the machine Sargsyan”, — he said. Pashinyan added that the road from the airport tried to persuade the singer to move to their historical homeland.

Tankian, of Armenian origin, arrived in Yerevan to maintain the protests of the opposition. However, the musician in his Instagram warned fans not to give a concert. He performed only one song “White stork” in Armenian.

The singer called the events in Armenia “beautiful” revolution. “I haven’t slept at night and looked online for what was happening in my homeland. When the time comes, people make their move. And this time in Armenia came. We believe Pashinian,” said Tankian.

The vote on the election of the Premier is scheduled for may 8. They will participate only candidate Nikol Pashinyan. During the first vote, which took place on may 1, he was the only candidate for the post, but the faction of the ruling Republican party refused to support it. In the end Pashinyan scored only 45 votes of deputies instead of the required 53. After an unsuccessful election, the opposition called for further unrest in the country, the next day the Republicans promised to change their decision.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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