Talking with the beasts of intellectuals called to work hermits


Photo: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

The center for the study and development of Russian traditions of “Russian forest” and art-residence “farm Zahara prilepina” opened in Moscow the vacancy of a hermit. The applicant is required to “love the forest” and “reading smart books” are also welcome the desire to engage in literary activities. A vacancy appeared in the Telegram-channel “Interesting work in Moscow.”

The place of work is located in the woods near the Lapino village, Odintsovo district. Among other duties of the applicant — assistance to travelers, beekeeping and the feeding of animals, it is also necessary to monitor the beavers to continue the work of predecessor.

A mandatory requirement for the candidate is the ability to “impressive silence”. Advantage will be familiarity with the work of the writer Leonid Leonov, as well as the ability to speak with animals. The vacancy is positioned as “an extreme form of historical downshifting” for intellectuals. “The candidate should be aware of the important contribution of traditional Russian culture, who have made and continue to make hermits,” reads the job description.

For its part, the employer is obliged to help with the house in the woods, to provide “nutrition of the Russian stove in the house reading room”, shaped clothes made of natural materials and to provide access to the bath.

In January, an Orthodox businessman Herman Sterligov has posted two vacancies for secretaries. According to the requirements, for the position could claim only beautiful, unmarried and “the younger the better” soiskatelei. Suitable candidates were offered salary in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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