The American priest came up with a way to survive the end of the world


Jim Bakkerij: RWW Blog / YouTube

American televangelist Jim Bakker (Jim Bakker) urged his followers to buy his shack in the Ozarks to hide out there during the Apocalypse. This publication reports the Belleville News-Democrat.

“Where will you go when the world is on fire? Where? Here is the place for the people of God,” said 78-year-old televangelist in his transfer, showing settlement of Morningside, he’s building in Missouri. According to him, this is the best place to survive the end of the world, according to research by the government and NASA. “That’s why God brought us here,” he explained.

In addition to cabins in Morningside, Becker offered to buy him a water and a year’s supply of food. Also in his online store sells solar panels, radios and other equipment for survivalistov.

The Ozarks is located in the Central part of the United States on the right Bank of the Mississippi river. Its area is about 120 thousand square meters. The culture of the white population there is conservative and preserves many features of the rural lifestyle of early settlers.

Jim Bakker was led by Christian TV shows from the 1960-ies. In the late 1980s he was accused of rape and fraud. The court recognized the validity of the charges for 24 counts, and sentenced him to imprisonment for five years. Upon his release, Becker continued to play with the telerobotically. After a school shooting in Florida in February 2018, he said that in his dream he was visited by God in a camouflage and with a rifle the AR-15 back and announced that he supports the plan of Donald trump to give teachers guns.

In the USA there is a subculture of survivalists (“preppers”) who are passionate about preparing for life after the death of modern civilization. Such communities exist in other countries, including in Russia.

In January it was reported that 17-year-old American Alex Mason spoke about preparing for the end of the world, which he has done for several years. He’s stockpiling products like cereals and canned goods and all the time carry a set of necessities: a backpack with water and food for a couple of days and first aid kit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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