The American spoke about the long struggle with a big cockroach in his ear


Photo: Katie Holley

The inhabitant of American state Florida Katie Holly (Katie Holley) told about the cockroach who lived in her ear. About it writes edition Daily Mirror.

American claims that in April woke up from strange sensations. At first she thought someone had put her in-ear piece of ice. Holly tried to clean the ear with cotton swab and noticed that it is something stuck. “After a few seconds I realized: it’s legs. Legs! Legs that could only belong to the brave marzipan cockroach who travel in my auditory passage,” she recalls.

The husband of a woman who joined her in the bathroom confirmed her suspicions. They attempted to get the insect with tweezers, but got nothing. After that, Holly went to the doctor and he pulled from her ear three fragments of a cockroach. “Death throes of a cockroach lodged in a very sensitive part of the body, not to compare with anything that I could adequately describe,” said the woman.

Nine days later she had to return to the hospital with new complaints. This time the doctor pulled from her ear six fragments of an insect, which are not noticed during the first treatment. To make sure that the cockroach is gone, he sent a woman to the audiologist.

After examination, the specialist told her that in her external auditory canal remain a foreign body. “Armed with a tool resembling a large pair of scissors, he brought out the entire head and upper torso of a cockroach, a few legs and antennae,” says Holly. According to the audiologist, in her case is nothing special: she was the second patient with an insect in the ear that is turned to him that day.

Marzipan cockroaches (Eurycotis floridana) are common in the Southeast United States. The average length is three to four centimeter. If there is a danger secrete a substance with a strong odor and sprinkle them on distance of one meter.

In 2017, it was reported that from the ear of the inhabitant of the Chinese city of Guangzhou, province of Guangdong, removed a live lizard. The man claims that he was awakened by unpleasant sensations in the ear. He felt inside the head of someone crawling, and suggested that during sleep, in-ear climbed a cockroach, however, upon examination the doctor found a living Gecko.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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