The “curse” of the Egyptian tomb left alone


Photo: Ministry of Antiquities

Archaeologists Polytechnic University in Turin has scanned the tomb of Tutankhamun, known for the legend of the “curse of Pharaoh”, and denied the existence of a hidden room, which was supposed to be was behind the wall of the main room. According to representatives of the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt, new research will not be undertaken. This publication reports Science Alert.

In 2015, the British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves (Nicholas Reeves) suggested that the tomb is plastered door that leads into the next room. The results of the radar scan conducted by Japanese experts in 2016, initially confirmed this hypothesis. It was thought that in the hidden room were the remains of Nefertiti, stepmother of Tutankhamun.

According to Reeves, the tomb was originally intended for Nefertiti, however, because her stepson died suddenly at the age of 19 years, it buried the young Pharaoh and the body of the Queen was later placed in a separate room. However, to confirm the words of the Egyptologist was necessary to demolish a wall that is archaeological and cultural value. Therefore, the researchers conducted a number of additional scans to verify the correctness of the scientist.

However, a group of archaeologists under the direction of Francesco Porcelli (Francesco Porcelli) did not find an empty space behind the walls of the tomb. They sought cracks and crevices, evidence of the existence of the doorway and reflecting radio waves of the surface that could be walls of the hidden room. The results of the scan, according to the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt, correct and refute the hypothesis of Reeves. Additional research in the tomb, most likely, will not be held.

The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922. In her was found the sarcophagus with the mummified body of the Pharaoh, as well as numerous decorations. For a long time it was believed that his tomb was “cursed”, as the press of the time actively spread the rumor that discovered the burial place of the researchers died under mysterious circumstances. However, all the “facts”, allegedly testifying in favor of a curse that was customized for newspaper sensationalism, and the majority of participants in the excavation lived to a ripe old age.

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