The former authority Marcello found four armored personnel carriers and dozens of trunks



The FSB found 52 firearms, 35.7 thousand rounds of ammunition and four armoured personnel carriers (APCS) in a hangar near Samara, owned by the local entrepreneur. On Monday, may 7, told RIA Novosti press-service of the regional Department of the Ministry.

The owner has documents on the seized weapons, but it was designed as a collector’s item. “The weapons sent for examination. For example, it was found that the carbine “saiga” was converted to fire bursts, which is illegal,” — said the representative of the FSB.

The APC was without weapons. In addition to them, the hangar was on-Board a UAZ in the back which was a safe to carry large quantities of weapons, and machines that could be used to rework weapons.

“We can assume that the entrepreneur could massively alter the collector’s weapons in the weapon to fire bursts”, — said the press service.

The FSB referred to the police for the decision of a question on excitation of criminal case. Published online shooting the scene.

Volga news SP / YouTube

According to operational information, the Arsenal belongs to Sergei Marchenko, known in some circles as Marcello, writes the regional newspaper “Volcanus”. In the 90-ies he was a criminal authority, whose specialty was arms trafficking and stolen vehicles, as well as netegrity.

In 1999, the Federal mass media wrote about the kidnapping and rape of 13 girls in residence Marchenko, but he prosecuted were not. At the same time widely known the story of the application against him of physical violence by operatives of the police working on this case. Then two police officers received suspended sentences.

After that, the crime boss left the Samara region, monitoring of the boundaries of your business. A few years later, Marchenko returned to the region, and in 2015 people with the same surname, name and patronymic received the status of a lawyer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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