The man revealed the secret of the perfect photo in Tinder


Photo: Ben Southerst

London resident Ben Sauter (Ben Southerst) conducted a social experiment with different avatars Tinder to find the best option. About it reports The Independent.

A working model of a 29-year-old Sauter in turn published five different selfie, along the way analyzing the results of matches (matches) in the service for Dating. To change the appearance using graphical editor.

To begin with, the man posted the picture with a thick mane and a small beard – that’s exactly what Sauter looks really. Then he experimented with different types of beards, and artificially thinned hair, so that others thought of him balding.

A week later, he summed up the results of the study. As it turned out, most girls liked a picture of his clean-shaven face with a thick mane: with the help of it the man was able to achieve 120 games. “I am very flattered that so many women wanted to meet me”, said Sauter.

On the second place on popularity was that the male appeared before the girls with a small beard, so he got 85 hits.

More bushy beard attracted a total of 30 women.

The British noticed that in most cases, his companion was looking for a “speed-Dating” and not a long-term relationship.

Worse of all users responded to the photo with balding Sauter: in total they scored just 15 matches. “The experiment showed that you are at least ten times more attractive to women when you have hair,” concluded the researcher.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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