The US has accused China of creating “Orwellian nonsense”


Photo: Jeff Xu / Reuters

The white house has accused China of implementing “Orwellian nonsense” after Beijing criticized the airline for what they point to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as separate destinations. About it reports Reuters.

The civil aviation administration of people’s Republic of China sent letters with the requirement to change the settings of the sites and apps 36 foreign airlines, including several American.

After the United States said that “this “Orwellian nonsense” — attempt of the Chinese Communist party to impose its political agenda of American companies and citizens”, and Washington will resist this trend.

In response, Beijing announced that according to the Constitution of the PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau — part of the “one and indivisible China,” so the airlines have to stop pointing these territories as a separate country. “Foreign companies must respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, — said the speaker of the Ministry Geng Shuang, reports Xinhua news Agency.

In January of this year, China has expressed dissatisfaction with the American airline Delta is due to the fact that the website for the Taiwan and Tibet was listed separately from China. In the same month, the Chinese government was criticized in the week blocked the website of Marriott in China for an indication of Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau as separate countries in the questionnaire for the customers.

Taiwan, according to the official position of Beijing, is one of the Chinese provinces. De facto, the island is not controlled by Beijing. Hong Kong and Macau are special administrative regions of the PRC. The cities de jure, their own administration, currency, and financial system.

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