The woman said the attack four-meter crocodile cannibal


Cindy Waldron and Leanne, Mitchellthe: page Leanne Mitchell in Facebook

A resident of the Australian city of Cairns Leanne Mitchell (Leeann Mitchell) for the first time, shared his memories about the attack of the crocodile-eater that she suffered two years ago. This publication reports the Cairns Post.

In may 2016 Mitchell went on a deserted beach 130 kilometers from Cairns to celebrate the successful completion of the course of treatment for breast cancer. With her went her friend Cindy Waldron (Cindy Waldron). Women met in school and were friends for more than 30 years.

They stood in the shallow water and laughed when Cindy suddenly cried out. Leanne decided that the scared algae, touching the legs, or some little thing and held her friend’s hands. In fact, Cindy grabbed the crocodile. Women clutched each other, and the reptile dragged them from the shore.

“We travelled a great distance. I didn’t feel anything under my feet,” says Leanne. — I freed hand groped the top of his head and tried to hit him, tried to fight.” Despite this, the crocodile dragged them further with the same force.

The woman remembers that struggled to hold on to Cindy with one hand and tried to raise his other to grab her. “And then she was gone,” says Mitchell. She screamed the name of a friend and dived for her, but under the water, saw nothing.

Mitchell was taken to hospital with stab wounds on his arm. The police and volunteers combed the area to no avail, writes on the beach, and set traps. Few weeks one of them got saltwater crocodile with a length of 4.3 meters. In his stomach found human remains.

Saltwater crocodiles are among the largest predators on the planet. Males of this species reach seven meters in length and can weigh up to two tons. They are found on the Eastern coast of India, in many countries in South-East Asia, Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia.

In February it was reported that in the Northern territory of Australia caught two huge salt-water crocodiles, which destroyed the cattle. The length of one of the reptiles was 4.4 metres and the other 4.3 meters. Their fangs were only slightly shorter than the palm of an adult male.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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