Ukraine has decided to punish the border guards of the FSB



The Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine brought criminal case in connection with the detention of members of the Crimean border guard Department of FSB of the Ukrainian fishing vessel “NMR-0041” in the Black sea. A message posted on the website of the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (located in Kiev).

“Performed procedural management in criminal proceedings on the facts of illegal imprisonment of the members of the crew of a fishing vessel “NMR-0041″ on preliminary arrangement by group of persons, use of weapons and the threat of violence and the seizure of specified Maritime representatives illegally established authorities in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea”, — stated in the message.

Preliminary legal qualification of criminal offences — part 2 articles 146 (“Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping”) and part 2 of article 278 (“the Hijacking or seizure of railway rolling stock, aircraft, sea or river vessel”) of the Criminal code of Ukraine, said the Agency. Upon an event of pre-trial investigation.

Employees of the Crimean border Department of the FSB detained may 3, the fishing vessel “NMR-0041” under the flag of Ukraine, illegally mined flounder West of Cape Tarkhankut in the exclusive economic zone of Russia. Seized several kilometers of networks, five members of the crew delivered to the Crimea. Kiev expressed strong protest and demanded the return of the ship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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