Ukraine refused to pay for the athletes travel to Russia


Ukrainian athletes, Alexander Horshkovozov and Oleg Kolodiy, bronze medalists at the synchronised diving in Casinofoto: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

The Ministry of youth and sport of Ukraine will cease to Finance the travel of athletes to competitions in Russia. The head of the Department Igor Zhdanov wrote in Facebook.

“The Ministry will not spend a penny of taxpayers’ money on visits by athletes in Russia. No state prize payouts for winning at these competitions will not. All warned that a trip to Russia is undesirable”, — he said.

The Minister noted that Kiev can’t forbid athletes to go to a particular country. The only exceptions are for those who are in military service.

“There is a separate category of Ukrainian athletes — athletes-soldiers of the APU, machardie, state border service and others. They are potentially the main target of the FSB during the trips to Russia and must act in accordance with the orders of his military leadership,” — said Zhdanov.

In mid-March, Ukraine gave up all of the competition in Russia. For the lifting of the boycott it is necessary that “the overall political situation has improved”, and “the atmosphere has ceased to deteriorate,” said the authorities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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