Ukrainian “Virgin” crashing to the Ground


Photo: NASA

Soviet military reconnaissance satellites of the series “Tselina-D” (“Kosmos-1378” and “Space-1825”) in the next few days would be destroyed in the Earth’s atmosphere, according to the website using the data Command aerospace defense of North America.

According to them, the destruction as a result of entering into the dense layers of earth’s atmosphere the satellite “Kosmos-1378” will begin on may 11. The spacecraft “Kosmos-1825” will start to disintegrate after about a day.

Detailed satellite electronic reconnaissance “Kosmos-1378” launched June 10, 1982, and “Kosmos-1825” in March 1987. Both start carried the rocket “Cyclone-3” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. The development and production of satellites was engaged in the Ukrainian design Bureau “southern” and the plant “Pivdenmash”.

In December 2017, Soviet military reconnaissance satellite “Kosmos-1346”, also referring to a series of “Tselina-D”, was destroyed in the skies over Chile, and its fragments, likely drowned in the Pacific ocean.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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