Ukrainian with socks stole a safe, know the amount stolen, and cried


Photo: home “Police in Kharkiv region” in Facebook

In Kharkov, Ukrainian police detained a man who stole the safe from the Lodge Parking lot. About this in his Facebook reported the press service of the police of the city.

It is noted that on the morning of may 7, the police noticed a man who was carrying a safe down the street. Law enforcement officers stopped him to find out where in fact such an unusual burden. At the same time, another crew of the patrol received a call about the theft of the safe from the car Park, which was near.

The police found in the safe Deposit box 410 hryvnia (less than one thousand). A former police officer of the city of Liang Teremkova in his Facebook said that “the thief cried when I found out how much money he took”. She also noted that the attacker instead of gloves pulled over her hands socks.

In December, in Lviv, a local in shorts stole from the Nativity scene at Market square, the cradle with baby Jesus. Arrived at the place of theft police searched the entrance, which included a thief. They had found the missing part of the Nativity scene, Jesus returned to his place in the manger. Reasons why an attacker would want to steal part of the Nativity scene, the police could not be determined.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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