As expected, flight of the Russian-Chinese aircraft


Frame: hamed eghbali / YouTube

First flight created by Russia and China of wide-body aircraft CR929 will take place around 2025, according to the portal The Paper with reference to chief engineer for advanced research COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) Yang Cigana.

According to him, “CR929 project is implemented according to the plan”, so that “by 2025, will be the first flight of the aircraft”. The chief engineer noted that currently the parties are in the initial stages of development and design of the aircraft. He stressed that the aircraft will meet all necessary technical requirements of the market, and its creation will find the most advanced composite materials and high-tech solutions.

The operator of the project acts CR929 CRAIC (China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation). On creation of a joint company “United aircraft Corporation” and COMAC announced in may 2017 in Shanghai (China). The program budget is estimated at 13 to 20 billion dollars.

In the basic configuration the aircraft has a capacity of 280 seats with a range of 12 thousand kilometers. The design of the aircraft will be held in Russia, build — in China. The aircraft will initially get Western engines General Electric or Rolls-Royce. Further power units to replace the Russian-made PD-35 or Chinese CJ2000.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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