Beating with whips the people at the rally Cossack officer appeared MIPT


Sergey Klochkov (center)Photo: Telegram-channel Database: provocateurs, strawbreaker, hirelings

One of the Cossacks beating people with whips at the rally on Pushkin square on 5 may, was an employee of the MIPT Sergey Klochkov — he identified students of the faculty of Aeromechanics and flying technology, according to student portal “Flow”.

On the website published videos of the rally, which is seen as the shreds in a black jacket and blue shirt applies the force to one of the protesters.

Scraps neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the ranks of the Cossacks at the rally, may 5: hearing the question from the students, he stopped talking.

According to the portal, Sergey Klochkov — former commandant of the Department of biological and medical physics of MIPT, and now — “employee of the second Department of MIPT and is dealing with the military enlistment office”.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow disown connection with the Cossacks on the last action. As reported by RBC, in 2016, the city entered into with the Central Cossack army (TSKV) 11 contracts for a total amount of 37.6 million rubles. Including three contracts signed for training of the Cossacks “necessary knowledge and applied skills” for the security of mass events in the capital.

May 5 in the center of the city was inconsistent rally organized by opposition activist Alexei Navalny. According to the interior Ministry, he gathered about fifteen hundred people, according to unofficial information, is about 15 thousand participants. The event was held on Pushkin square. There, in addition to protesters and police, people came in Cossack uniform. They beat peaceful demonstrators with whips, and the police is not suppressed. To the duty of departments of the MIA of Russia for the city was taken, 658 people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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