Became known the final decision trump the deal with Iran


Donald Truephoto: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

American President Donald trump said his French counterpart Emmanuel macron, the that it plans to announce the US withdrawal from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. About it reports on Tuesday, may 8, The New York Times, citing a source knowledgeable about the content of the conversation.

According to him, Washington will restore all the sanctions that were lifted under a nuclear deal, and at the same time will impose on Iran a new economic constraints. As noted, officially, the decision trump is going to announce later in the afternoon: 14:00 Washington time (21:00 GMT).

Tehran and the six mediator countries (Russia, USA, UK, China, France, Germany) have agreed on the terms of Iran’s nuclear program in the summer of 2015. Under the agreement, Iran refuses the further development of this program in exchange for sanctions relief. Limits for the Republic, including on oil exports, was canceled in January 2016.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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