Bride left hand in the jaws of a crocodile and went down the aisle


Frame: stanford chiwanga / YouTube

A resident of Zimbabwe and got married on the scheduled date, despite bitten off by a crocodile a hand, writes Metro.

Sanel Ndlovu (Zanele Ndlovu) and her fiancé Jamie Fox (Jamie Fox) riding on an inflatable boat on the Zambezi river when they were attacked by a crocodile. Reptile had bitten the girl’s hand. Fox managed to pull the bride to the shore and bandage her wound with a tourniquet.

Despite serious injuries, she decided not to postpone marriage, and a few days later after the incident, the couple were married in the hospital. The witness said that their love story “worthy of emulation”. “Their feelings for each other have become even stronger”, — he added.

Over the past year, in Zimbabwe 21 people were killed in the attacks of crocodiles.

In early April it was reported about drinking facilities by guests to Zibabve to the wedding of a friend and jumped in the pool to three crocodiles. Reptiles broke his ribs, injured his head and bit off the hand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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