Chronic “runny nose” American women turned out to be a leak of cerebrospinal fluid



A resident of Omaha, Nebraska, Kendra Jackson (Kendra Jackson) a few years suffered from the cold until I found out that all this time her nose was leaking cerebrospinal fluid. This was announced by regional portal Fox 2 News.

The woman admitted that she suffered from incessant runny nose since 2013, when she had an accident and received a head injury, hitting his face on the dashboard. “Wherever I went, I always had a pack of paper handkerchiefs. It was the incessant waterfall” — said Jackson. In addition, she constantly had a headache and was having trouble sleeping.

All these years the doctors diagnosed the American Allergy. However, in the end she found out that, in fact, it suffers from a liquorrhea — the expiration of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the nose. On the day Jackson was losing about 250 milliliters of CSF. Doctors have used fat tissue of the patient to plug the hole between the skull and the nostrils, through which flowed the cerebrospinal fluid.

Cerebrospinal fluid protects the brain and spinal cord from mechanical influences and ensures the maintenance of constant intracranial pressure. Its leak can lead to the development of meningitis.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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