Confirmed the similarity of the Sun with the planet


Photo: NASA

An international group of scientists confirmed the existence in the bowels of the Sun giant Rossby waves, which are caused by the rotation of the star around its axis. Such perturbations are usually formed in the atmosphere and Earth’s oceans, but researchers have found the first evidence of waves in the solar corona. This publication reports Science Alert.

Waves of rossbi are generated in all rotating fluids, however in the Sun, their amplitude and period of oscillation are very small, making their detection difficult. The researchers analyzed data from six years of observations of the photosphere carried out with the help of the Solar Dynamics Observatory. High resolution of received images enabled to observe the movement of individual granules — granular formations on the surface of the Sun caused by convection of plasma. The diameter of the pellets reaches about 1.6 thousand kilometers.

The movement of the granules allowed to find a huge stable vortices that exist in the depths of the lights in depths of up to 20 thousand kilometers. According to researchers, they have received more convincing evidence of Rossby waves than American astrophysicists who track the movement of the bright elements in the structure of the solar corona. In the new work has not been confirmed by the relationship between the waves in the upper atmosphere of the Sun and disturbances in the subsoil.

In the future, scientists plan to study how waves, Rossby affect the state of the stellar atmosphere and space weather, which characterizes the influence of the Sun on the Earth’s magnetic field.

Waves of rossbi on our planet are formed in the oceans and in the atmosphere of temperate latitudes and constitute a periodic propagating disturbance. They have a great influence on the earth’s weather (e.g., cause flooding in the Balkans).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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