In Finland, sitting three times serial killer-recidivist again suspected of murder


Photo: Lehtikuva / Reuters

In Finland on suspicion of murder arrested a serial killer, already has served three terms for murder and other crimes. As reported by HBL, Michael Penttila (Michael Penttilä) was taken into custody on Tuesday, may 8.

52-year-old man arrested in Helsinki on 6 may. The police pointed that out on the trail of the men on their own. At the same time he denies any wrongdoing.

As reported in law enforcement bodies, the corpse of a 52-year-old woman was discovered on may 4 in the house in the Kallio district after complaints of the neighbors on a strange smell. It turned out that she died in April. The guards suspected that she was murdered, this was confirmed by the autopsy. The police believe that the murder was carefully planned.

Penttila previously bore the name Jukka Lindholm (Jukka Lindholm). According to the classification of the American FBI, he is the only Finn is a serial killer. At the same time, the man never officially called a murderer, because not sentenced for intentional crimes.

He first went to prison in 1986 for strangling 12-year-old girl. During interrogation he also confessed to the massacre with his own mother a year earlier: police are not unable to ascertain the culprit. The man went to prison for the murder under the influence manslaughter and other crimes.

In 1992, he was released on parole and a year later went to jail for having strangled 42-year-old woman. Again, the crime is not considered intentional, although found that Penttila be aware of what is happening. In 2009, he was again at liberty, where he continued to attack and choke victims, and eventually went to prison. However, later the charges of murder is mitigated: the court considered that it was of the aggravated assaults. The man also was convicted of several rapes, gross appeals and unlawful imprisonment.

The last time he was released from prison on Christmas day 2016. He lived in a special Dorm, but was able to move freely. In 2017, has been repeatedly detained on suspicion in preparation of crimes, but in the end he was released.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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