Internet users lost 172 billion dollars per year


Photo: Steve Marcus / Reuters

In 2017, the victims of cyber crime have become 978 million people from 20 countries. In total network attackers earned 172 billion, according to a Norton Cyber Security report Insights, published on the official website.

More than half of victims (53%) were attacked by viruses that infect the gadgets. Second place by frequency of user problems divided fraud with payment cards and compromised passwords from accounts (38 and 34 percent, respectively). Approximately the same number of victims were victims of hacker attacks.

On average, each victim gave the attackers 142 USD and spent about 24 hours at a time (or three days) to eliminate the consequences of attacks on their property. Most of the victims were among Chinese residents, more than 352 million people. In the second place Indians (186 and a half million), the third — US citizens (nearly 144 million).

However, users continue to be careless: according to research, every fifth user uses the same password for all their accounts. A third of the respondents writes pairs of usernames and keys on paper, and three percent agree on simple passwords that are installed by default.

In the beginning of 2018 cyber attack has been recognized as one of the major threats to humanity. WEF experts that drafted the report “Global risks — 2018”, put them on the third place after natural disasters and global warming.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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