Jurmala remained without “Immortal regiment”


Photo: Danilo Garcia Di MEO / RIA Novosti

The authorities of the Latvian city of Jurmala has refused carrying out in the city this year the action “Immortal regiment”. About the Agency TASS said the organizer of the rally, a former member of the government of Jurmala Janis Kuzins.

“The formal reason for the refusal — the request for the action was allegedly filed one day later than required by law. But as much as I believed the application was filed on time. It was filed in Jurmala Duma on 21 April, i.e. ten working days prior to the March, as established by law”, — said cousins.

The event organizer has promised to challenge the verdict. “This decision I have today challenged in the Administrative court within three days to issue a verdict. I hope that the hearing will take place tomorrow and this refusal will be cancelled,” he said.

Also cousins considered the decision of the political authorities. In a conversation with three Lebanese source.lv he pointed out that such a move could be related to the fact that the current mayor of Jurmala sees it as a competitor.

Cousins added that the March “Immortal regiment” was held in Jurmala on the Day of Victory for the third time. “Every year, “the Immortal regiment” will take part about 100 people. If the court decides in our favor, that all who planned to participate in the action on may 9 will probably be able to individually go the route of our March to the war graves in Jurmala”, he concluded.

On 7 may it became known that Minsk city Executive Committee refused to organizers of the action “Immortal regiment” in the capital of Belarus in the March on 9 may. The Minsk city Executive Committee explained that in this day in the country will be other promotions. On may 8 the press service of the Minsk city Executive Committee told RIA Novosti that the city authorities have urged the organizers and participants of the action “Immortal regiment” to join Republican action “Belarus remembers”, which pursues the same objective and is its counterpart.

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