Kazakhstan repeated the fiasco of “Mail of Russia”


Frame: Kaktakto Media / YouTube

In Kazakhstan, the drone has delivered the mail at the second attempt, during the test run, the drone fell, said the Agency Sputnik.

“Kazpochta” presented the new unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver parcels weighing up to four kilograms.

The first launch of a drone costing five thousand dollars was held before the arrival of officials, among which the expected Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Askar Zhumagaliyev. “Drone-like airplane, overclocked on rails and started flying, which after a few meters stopped. Design hit the earthen beds”, — said the Agency.

The head supports the company explained the failure to start the fact that it was a test.

After arrival, officials held another launch that has been successful. The drone took off, completed the circle and dropped a parcel with Newspapers in a specified location.

Deputy Prime Minister approved the project. “A good project, good,” he said.

In the current year Kazpost plans to use drones to deliver Newspapers in 159 villages of the Republic.

In April, the drone-postman “Mail of Russia”, made a 15-kilometer test flight in Ulan-Ude, crashed into the wall of a house. The damage amounted to 1.2 million rubles. “Mail of Russia” was accused of failure to start the company that manufactured the aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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