MIA was intimidated by the “clowns of veterans and city madman” before may 9


The Zoryan Sciretta: Sergey Bobok / Ukrafoto

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak said on the upcoming may 9 provocations “of the Russian special services” in the country. His post he posted in Facebook.

“Attention! Tomorrow, may 9, the Russian security services and their inner satellites [members and supporters of the party “Opposition bloc” and other destructive Pro-Russian forces, probably preparing another provocation against the Ukrainian state in Kiev and other regions of the country!” — said Shkiryak.

In his opinion, “disgraceful performances served covertly with false and false cries of “human memory”, as well as accompany planned on Lubyanka square stock, like the so-called “Immortal regiment””. “Traditionally, they use a prepared provocateurs, militants, dressed “veterans” paid extras, just a crazy city, and so forth,” he wrote.

Shkiryak reminded that Ukraine “illegal use of Communist and Nazi symbols is prohibited,” and “for the use of the symbols of the Russian terror (so-called “St. George ribbons” and so on) provided strict administrative liability”. He warned that if necessary, the security forces “will give a rebuff to any attempt of destabilization”, and urged not to succumb to provocations.

“This is what seeking in the Kremlin. Their goal is to destabilize the situation to divide Ukraine, and to break it from the inside”, — said Shkiryak.

May 4, Kiev city administration registered the application of “the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists” (OUN, banned in Russia) for the March in the Ukrainian capital on 9 may. The aim of the action is marked “public patrolling the streets to prevent the action “Immortal regiment” in the center of Kiev”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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