Named the conditions of transformation of the Earth into an ice ball



Scientists at the University of Texas in Dallas have identified the geological conditions under which on Earth 700 million years ago there was global cooling, in which the planet is completely ice covered. According to researchers, climate change associated with the occurrence and movement of lithospheric plates. About it reported in a press release

The hypothesis of “Earth-snow” explains why during kriganovskogo period in tropical latitudes was the deposition of glacial precipitation. According to the proposal, then at the equator was as cold as the poles of the planet. The ice age lasted for millions of years, while in the atmosphere have not accumulated a sufficient amount of greenhouse gases emitted by volcanoes. The continents in the Equatorial regions became ice-free, resulting in the beginning of the processes of chemical weathering and enrichment of waters with mineral nutrients necessary for bacterial growth. Further developed multicellular life forms, contributing to global warming.

The researchers suggest that the Earth was completely iced over because of the emergence of tectonic plates. It is believed that the first crust was solid, and its division into separate large fragments happened later. According to geologists, the lithosphere is split 600-800 million years ago, launched on the planet’s surface the processes, including the eruption of volcanoes and shifting continents, which, ultimately, led to the emergence of “Earth-snowball.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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