Orthodox activists demanded to ban talking in schools about HIV


Photo: Kirill Kuhmar / TASS

Orthodox activists demanded from the administration of Novosibirsk to ban HIV prevention programmes among adolescents. The corresponding letter appeared in LJ signed by the members of the organization “all-Russian parental resistance”.

Social activists said that such lectures molest minors, and accused the organizer of these lessons — NGO “Humanitarian project” is that “under the guise of prevention of drug addiction,” he spent “marketing of drugs”, and “under the guise of prevention of sexually transmitted infections” — information that provokes early sexual relations. The authors also considered it unfair allocation of “Humanitarian project” of the presidential grant for outreach activities in the amount of 7.4 million rubles.

The activists added that even isolated events that are held annually on 1 December to commemorate world Day against AIDS, can “cause irreparable harm to the moral development of the younger generation” and adversely affect the demographics, and information about contraception to reduce the birth rate.

According to “Taiga.info”, one of the signatories of the appeal, co-chair of the Novosibirsk branch, “In defense of childhood” Natalia Shatilova, known as HIV-otricatelniy, and other public figures spoke out against rock concerts in the region. “Humanitarian project”, according to the publication, only in the Novosibirsk public organization, which for 15 years engaged in the prevention of HIV in the city and region, working with the support of the regional and Federal authorities.

Earlier, the Ministry of health of Russia announced the development of the bill banning propaganda of HIV dissidence — the idea that such a virus exists, and treatment is useless. It is assumed that the identification of propaganda will be the CPS. Planned date of entry into force — January 2019.

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