Telegram challenged the right of the FSB to the keys correspondences Russians


Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

The representatives of the messenger Telegram has filed an appeal with the appellate division of the Supreme court of Russia with a demand that violates the law, the orders of the FSB on the transfer of encryption keys. This is stated in the Telegram-channel lawyer Pavel Chikov.

In the document the representatives of the messenger insist that the decision on an administrative offence Telegram made on the basis of the impugned order and substantive violation of the law.

In particular, the protection service considers that the order establishes an extrajudicial procedure of receiving the data constituting secrecy of correspondence, which is contrary to Federal law.

“Telegram asks to cancel completely the decision of the Supreme court from 20 March 2018 in case No. АКПИ17-1181 and make a new decision: an administrative claim to meet and to recognize the orders of the FSB from July 19, 2016 No. 432 as enacted by an unauthorized Agency in excess of authority; establishing a non-judicial way of obtaining control over correspondence an indefinite number of persons; containing a wide margin of discretion for enforcers, threatening the security of citizens”, — stated in the message chikova.

16 April on the territory of Russia came into force the decision to restrict access to Telegram. The court held that the service cannot operate in the country as long as the guide does not give you the keys to decrypt user messages.

Transfer of the algorithm to decrypt the communications security services enshrined in the so-called anti-terrorist legislative package (known as the “Spring law”), adopted by the Parliament in June 2016.

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