The blind lioness recognized the “genetic mistake” and left to die



Visitors complained of the Philippine zoo for cruelty to a lioness named Lika. According to Daily Mail, blind animal kept in unsuitable conditions.

On the deplorable state of the predator noticed one of the tourists who visited the zoo in Maasin city. According to her, the lioness with congenital blindness declared a “genetic mistake” and left to die. Contains five Face in a dirty cage about one meter wide.

“I asked staff, why is it so contain, and they explained all the fact that it is a genetic mistake. It looked abandoned and sad,” said the woman, who wished to remain unknown. The zoo staff also explained to her that the money for improving conditions is not enough, but tourist did not consider these words quite convincing.

The representative of the zoo said that the Face of a healthy and properly nourished, and also noted that all animals with health problems examined by a veterinarian.

In January representatives from Swedish zoo said that over the past six years, put to sleep nine healthy cubs, as they were not able to maintain them. This caused a sharp criticism of animal rights activists.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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