The descendants of the Soviet military’s starred in commercials “Volunteers”Victory


Natalia Malinovskaya: VOLUNTEERS WIN / YouTube

All-Russian public movement “Volunteer Victory” on the eve of Victory Day recorded the videos with the descendants of marshals of the Soviet Union. Interviews the activists posted “Vkontakte”.

Among the heroes of the commercials is a daughter of Marshal and Twice Hero of the Soviet Union Rodion Malinovsky and the grandson of the Marshal and Hero of the Soviet Union Leonid Govorov.

The movement of “Volunteers” Victory was the establishment in 2015, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of world War II. The creation was supported by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Activists help veterans, improving memorable places and military burial and hold a historical quests and promotions. In 2016, in the event of the movement was involved in more than 250 thousand people.

May 9 in Russia and several foreign countries will take action “Immortal regiment”. By tradition, the marchers held photographs of their relatives who fought against the Nazis in the great Patriotic war.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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