The network has shared horrific stories about students


Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Visitors imageboard Reddit remembered the most memorable stories associated with the children of their schools.

One of the participants in the thread said that for many years can not forget the incident that happened in art class. Then his classmate said, “Hey, check this out” and then stuck a finger deep into her mouth, and then the boy threw up right on the Desk.

User under the name ItsMichaelRay told the story about the guy who stole about a dozen books and set them on fire in the restroom, arranging in the school of real fire. Another visitor of Reddit, said that his friend turned on the teacher Board, injuring another student.

“We had a guy at lunch mixing all the food and drinks in one strange soup and ate it,” said the man under the nickname sonicman501. Other commentators have suggested that the boy could not eat normally because of the pain in the teeth, but this version has not been confirmed.

Also, the visitors are surprised by the story about a first grader who in the first day of school, struck a palm a pencil, and then asked the teacher to leave class. “He never returned,” left the intrigue of the user under the name gourmetprincipito.

One of the most horrific stories users found the story about the student who raped and killed his mother because she bought him new clothes for dancing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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