The Russians asked Putin to ban the Russian Orthodox Church to take school



Parents of pupils of the Arkhangelsk private school “Xenia” addressed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and State Duma deputies with a request to impose a moratorium on the right of religious organizations to get in the property real estate, where the educational institution. A petition posted on the website

“Easiest way to take the kids to pick up their building in excellent condition, without thinking about the values and the younger generation, by showing a negative example, as you can select all in an instant, bypassing moral principles, in order to achieve their greedy goals,” — said in the petition document author Andrey Krylov.

As says the publication that school must leave the building, which was occupied since 1992, at the initiative of the Arkhangelsk diocese. Before the revolution there was a spiritual school, and two years ago, according to the law “On transfer to religious organizations property of religious significance owned by the state or municipal property”, the building became the property of the Russian Orthodox Church.

A contract in which the school could until 2028 is located in the historical building, at the suit of the diocese declared illegal.

In turn, representatives of the Arkhangelsk diocese said that in the spring of 2015, when Metropolitan Daniel discussed with school officials the prospects of cooperation, the founder of “Xenia” is “essentially refused further dialogue.”

It is noted that the school building was not the only one, which passed into the hands of the Church over the last few years.

Earlier “” wrote about the fate of veterans of the great Patriotic War Raisa Fomenko, which will be forced in the near future to leave their only shelter, adjudged her of Stavropol and Nevinnomysk diocese.

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