The Russians hung around the village, portraits of your dog by may 9, and flew to Denmark


Photo: Telegram channel Mash

A farmer from the village of Tisul in the Kemerovo region hung on the facades of his buildings posters for Victory Day with a portrait of his dog, reported on the public “Novokuznetsk ONLINE” in “Vkontakte”.

“I have the written complaint, now you’re lucky. But he [the farmer] flown to the ice hockey world championship [in Denmark]. Tried to reach him, but he is abroad. Two buildings from him, a poster on one and the other”, — commented the head of the village of Alexander Aksutin.

To remove banners without his consent, cannot as it is private property.

Banners caused indignation of users of social networks.

“Thank you Sammie for the victory!” — the title pictures in several pages in “Vkontakte”.

Earlier it was reported about the spelling mistakes on the posters for may 9 in Kurgan. The designer, who wrote “Defense of Sevostopol” and “Brest fortress”, as it turned out, not fired, and the banners will be returned after making edits.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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