Winner of the Booker has helped her son with his essay for his book and got three


Ian Maquinto: Horst Galuschka / DPA /

British author Ian McEwan helped his son write an essay for his novel “Unbearable love” for which child received the rating C+ (C plus). This writes The Telegraph.

“I told him the basics and pointed out what should be paid attention to. I don’t read his essay, but as it turned out, his teacher flatly rejected all his thoughts,” said McEwan.

The writer said that he doubted the need to get people to read his work. “Just think — the child forced to read the book his dad. Poor thing” — he complained.

69-year-old Ian McEwan has also produced such novels as “Amsterdam”, “beach front”, “Cement garden,” “Atonement,” “the Innocent”. Many of the works of the writer were filmed. McEwan was repeatedly nominated for the Pulitzer prize, and in 1998 became its winner in the “Amsterdam”.

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