Chinese competitors su-57 tested in battle


Photo: Color China Photo / Assosiated Press

Chinese stealth fifth generation fighter J-20 were first battle-tested. This was reported by the Xinhua news Agency the representative of the air force people’s liberation army of China Shen, Csince (Shen Jinke).

“This will help the air force better fulfill their responsibilities for the protection of sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of China,” he said.

It is clarified that the tests were conducted over the ocean, they also attended other fighters, including multi-purpose J-16 and tactical J-10C.

J-20 was adopted by the Chinese army in September 2017. In may 2018 the American military expert Tyler Roguey put the J-20 in a row with the American carrier-based fighter-bomber of the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and the Russian su-57.

According to Western nomenclature, they belong to the fifth generation fighter, according to the Chinese — to a generation 4+. Chinese company Chengdu Aerospace Corporation began developing the J-20 in January 2002, the public presented in November 2016. The exact specifications of J-20 is not known, but experts even after the appearance of the first prototype in 2011 noted that the machine has a number of borrowings from American fighter F-22 and the Russian prototype of the MiG-1.44.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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