Elon Musk spent $ 10 million on shares of the company


Photo: Joe Skipper / Reuters

The founder of Tesla Elon Musk has spent about $ 10 million for the purchase of shares of the company. As CNN reports, the purchase is made amid a record loss.

This decision is unusual because the Director General usually do not buy the shares of their companies on the open market. For these purposes they use stock grants or options. Musk was the largest shareholder of Tesla — he owned 22 percent of the shares. The purchase allowed him to increase his stake in the company for less than one tenth of one percent.

If the company achieves certain financial targets, Musk will receive an additional 20 million shares in options.

Tesla may 2 reported a loss for the fifth quarter in a row. In the first three months of 2018 they amounted to 710 million dollars. In addition, shares of automakers fell after the conference call on the quarter, Musk refused to answer some of the questions, calling them boring.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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