Netanyahu said about the importance of military coordination between Russia and Israel in Syria


Benjamin Netanyahu Photo: Haim Horenstein / REUTERS

Israeli and Russian military should continue to coordinate their actions “in light of what is happening in Syria.” This was stated by the head of government of the Jewish state Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his visit to Moscow, reports RIA Novosti.

A hot line between the base and Hamim command center “Kiriya” in tel Aviv appeared in 2015. It helps the armed forces of the two countries to avoid accidental collisions and other dangerous incidents in the conduct of operations in Syria.

May 5 former Minister of defense Moshe ya’alon told that the hot line between the Israeli and Russian military in the first months of operation helped to prevent the incident with the plane of Air and space forces of Russia. “One Russian pilot almost crossed our border on the Golan heights. Whether it’s a Syrian plane, we would have hit him. But we realized that it was Russian plane, and activated the hotline,” — he said, adding that negotiations are conducted in Russian.

8 may the IDF put its troops on high alert to attack from Syria, has deployed air defense systems and printed bomb shelters on the Golan heights. After a few hours, Syrian television said the shelling of the territory of the Arab Republic of Israel, killed two people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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