Secret love for colleague brought the man to the prison


Photo: MiriLouDoesItToo / Reddit

American shared on Reddit by the contents of a diary of a former colleague who was arrested. Before the arrest, the man sent the girl a diaries, from which she learned that the last few years he was maniacally obsessed with her, writes The Daily Mail.

According to the girl, she spent three years with the counterpart side by side and did not know what he feels for her is not a professional interest. It turned out that the man in the colors dreamed about their future, tormented by unrequited love, was jealous and hoped to prove to the object of desire, as he knows how to love.

Some excerpts from the diary caused the girl’s terror. A fan wrote, “I’ll take it under control and will follow her until the end of the universe.” “I’m patient. In the end, we the rest of your life together,” wrote a colleague.

At first he called her with gentle words, but then his tone began to change. The girl attributes this to the fact that once politely refused him a date.

Huge blow for the fans was the unexpected dismissal of colleagues. She found a job in another city. Before leaving, she used accrued vacation and don’t have time to say goodbye with a neighbor. Later, colleagues told her that the left fan was completely crushed by the sudden news. “How could you do that? How could you abandon your true love? How could you condemn our future generations?” — he wrote in his diary in those days.

Fan obtained the home address of the beloved, at lunchtime I bought a lot of things that were supposed to impress, and headed to her home. The hostess was not at home: the day she flew to another city in search of housing.

Stalker stayed on the walls of the house favorite three days until someone from the neighbors called the police. A man was sentenced to several years in prison for attempted kidnapping. The girl learned about the incident only after returning home.

At first she posted pictures of pages from the diary on Reddit and Imgur, but when they became popular in the network, deleted the record. The saved copies were published by The Daily Mail.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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