Theresa may wants to expel from the Board of honor of Oxford


Photo: Reuters / Toby Melville

The leadership of the University of Oxford took the picture of the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may from the wall where you placed the outstanding graduates of the faculty of geography. This is stated in the Twitter of the institution.

“The portrait was hung sticky notes with different messages, so it was removed,” — said in a tweet. It is noted that the portrait will appear again.

University publication Cherwell notes that shortly before the disappearance of the image of the head of the British government, a group of activists organized in the microblogging movement NotAllGeographers (“Not all geographers”), reports RIA Novosti. Its representatives were going to direct the leadership of the University a petition to remove a portrait of the Prime Minister.

According to activists, the school administration did not consult with students about whether or not to include Mei in the list of outstanding graduates. In addition, the presence of a portrait of the current Prime Minister can be taken as an expression of support for its policy.

In 1977, Theresa may has graduated from Oxford University with a BA degree in geography.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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