A century of British explained the longevity of the love of beer


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A century of British Doris olive Netting (Doris Olive Netting) admitted that he believes the reason for his longevity in the habit of drinking a glass of Guinness beer a day. In it she admitted to the newspaper Metro.

Netting from the city of Plymouth in the South of England drinks a glass of dark beer since the end of world war II. The woman claims that it prompted advertising of beer, where it was confirmed that it contains a lot of iron.

On the 85th birthday of the grandchildren of the women took her to Dublin for a tour of the factory that produces her favorite beer. Her granddaughter says that the Netting continues every day to drink a small bottle despite the words of the doctors, because they believe in its healing properties.

The staff of the nursing home, which is home to the Netting gave her a commemorative beer party and gave the stick figure symbol of a beer company — the Toucan. The representatives of Guinness sent a faithful client of a few bottles of drink and packets of crisps with the taste of beer. She also received a telegram from the Queen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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