A woman at a party Chris brown had raped his girlfriend


Chris Braunfotel: Lucy Nicholson / Globallookpress.com

The woman, whose name has not been disclosed, has filed a lawsuit against singer Chris brown. The plaintiff stated that she was raped by a man and a woman at the party of the musician, reports TMZ.

The incident allegedly occurred in February 2017 at the brown’s house in Los Angeles. According to the woman, the singer offers cocaine, MDMA and marijuana. In the beginning of the party the plaintiff selected the mobile phone, and later a friend of brown’s force has got the victim and several other women in the bedroom, then blocked the door with couch.

When the victim tried to leave the room, a friend of brown grabbed her by the throat and forced to do Blowjob friend musician Louella Grissom. The claim stated that after the woman threw the victim on the bed, “sat on her face, crushing feet, and she forced to cunnilingus”. The plaintiff added that her rapist was menstrural, and because of the incident, her face was smeared with blood.

After that, the victim went into the shower and looked in Grissom and twice raped a woman. The plaintiff appealed to the police, the investigation is not yet complete. Brown’s representatives did not comment on the lawsuit.

In 2016, Chris brown was under investigation after the victim Asian equities traded lower on Gutierrez accused him of assaulting. She said that this happened at a private party in the apartment of brown’s hotel “Palms” in Las Vegas. In 2009, the singer was beaten by the singer Rihanna, with whom I was Dating. The musician was arrested and sentenced to five years probation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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