Accused of laundering billions of Russians wanted to kill in prison in Greece


Alexander winnick (right)Photo: Nicolas Economou / ZumaPress /

Russian Alexander winnick, a suspect in the US in the laundering of four billion dollars for cryptocurrency exchange, was going to kill in prison in Greece. This was reported RIA Novosti a source in the Greek law enforcement bodies.

According to him, the man was going to poison in the prison of Thessaloniki, resorting to the help of criminal elements. About the assassination learned in the beginning of the year thanks to operational information. About the events told winnick, he was forbidden to take strangers any thing, food and water. He also stepped up security, including to move around the prison. In addition, the man can not communicate with anyone except a very narrow circle of people.

“It all started after he managed to block the results winnik in USA. There are people very interested in the fact that he did not come to Russia. The customer is an unknown person from Russia”, — said the source. He pointed out that no intelligence service had nothing to do with. There is also no connection between this case and the case poisoned in the UK former GRU officer Sergei Skripal.

According to another source the Agency, winnick wrote a confession to the Russian investigation and said he was ready to help in the investigation of crimes in sphere of financial technology. “Attempted murder is directly connected with the received from it in law enforcement bodies of Russia of the allegations of crimes involving a wide range of people,” said the source.

In Russia winnick is accused of fraud in the amount of 667 thousand rubles. In the fall of 2017 Greek court granted the request for the extradition of the men to the Russian side. Vinnik were arrested in July last year when he spent holidays in the North of Greece. In a hotel room where there lived the Russian, found and seized laptops, tablets, mobile phones, router, credit card.

In the report of the law enforcement agencies said that the Russian since 2011 has headed a criminal group, which, through the website BTC-E was involved in legalization of proceeds from criminal activities. We are talking about earnings from computer hacking, drug trafficking, identity theft and tax violations, which were converted into cryptocurrency. In the US he faces up to 55 years in prison and a multimillion-dollar fine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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