Came to Poland, the Ukrainian smashed his head


Photo: Michal Fludra / ZumaPress /

In Poland, local residents attacked three citizens of Ukraine and brutally beat one of them. On Thursday, may 10, according to Polish radio on Thursday, may 10.

The incident occurred may 3 in the village Glascow, near Warsaw. The Ukrainians returned to rental housing from the store at the exit of he touched a strange man. Between him and the Ukrainians there was a verbal altercation, during which the pole said that he knows where I live newcomers. After that, he called someone on the phone.

After a few minutes the path on his way home to Ukrainians blocked two cars from them came out 6-7 men pulled from the trunk a baseball bat and attacked them. Two visitors managed to escape, the third, the poles were caught and severely beaten. During the beating the Ukrainians had an epileptic seizure, to the hospital he was brought in with a fractured skull, multiple hemorrhage and the severed tongue. He was also drunk, so to question him failed.

The investigation began the police, law enforcement officers are searching for the attackers. The version that the main reason for the beating was ethnic hatred, not considered a priority.

In March in Polish wrocław by two locals attacked Ukrainian because of his nationality in one of the city trams. According to the Center for monitoring racism and xenophobia, two of the attackers shouted insults at the Ukrainian, and then beat him. The victim called the “Ukrainian slut”, “fucking homosexual”, and recommended to return to Ukraine.

20 February it became known about the inhabitants of Poland, who beat two Ukrainians in the bus in Warsaw. The attack was carried out because of the nationality of the victims, a local resident was accompanied by his actions demands for the Ukrainians to leave Poland. The man was detained by police for the attack on the Ukrainians, decorated by bruises and head injuries, he faces up to five years in prison.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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